Time4U LogoMania

Time4U is a quiet old project initiated in 1998 as pure client application to get rid of this ugly spreadsheet application everyone seems to rely on. Obviously there have been quite a lot of changes during that time that can be nicely visualized with the development of the logo.

Very first version

Time4U started as C++ pure Windows application with a rather limited set of icons

16x16 icon32x32 icon48x48 icon

Java version

At a certain time it became convientent to reimplement the originial client in Java with a server component. Since RCP applications usually have a splash screen I had to to come up with something and played around with a 3D-renderer.

Splash screenLogo in about dialog

The original icons were easily migrated and reused.

Mac version

Eventually people started to buy and develop on Mac systems. Seeing the poor icons in the dock I felt obliged to redo the icons from ground up.

64x64 icon128x128 icon256x256 icon

As for now this is more or less the current Time4U logo on a "I'm not happy with but can live with" basis. Feel free to send me a better suggestion.


One weekend, after reading Terry Pratchett's "Thief of Time" - where the anthropomorphic personification of Time is a woman residing in a palace of glass - I came up with this


This version has never made it into the software. As side note (before I'm getting planed by Terry Pratchett fans): It's not even correct. In the book Time is a dark-haired.