Time4U server installation

OpenSuSE RPM Installation

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Manual Installation

The server is intended to run on a JBoss AS 5.0.1.GA. For first time installation you a strongly encouraged to follow the step-by-step guide below.


This guide is intended to install the Time4U server on a Linux system. The steps to install the server on a different platform are the same, but you probably want to choose different directories than suggested.

  1. Install a Java JDK: Java 1.5.0 or higher release
    • Consult the included readmes and manuals how to install the JDK on your system.
    • Ensure that the JAVA_HOME environment variable is correctly set or include the "bin" directory of the JDK in your PATH environment variable.
  2. Install a MySQL server 5.1

    Consult the includes readmes and manuals how to install MySQL on your system.

  3. Install the Apache ant tool 1.7.0 (or higher)
    • Just unpack the zip or tar.bz2 somewhere (e.g. /opt/apache-ant)
    • Add the "bin" directory to your PATH environment variable so you can invoke Ant from your command-line by typing "ant" (e.g. PATH=$PATH:/opt/apache-ant/bin)
  4. Install the JBoss AS 5.0.1.GA
    • Just unpack the zip or tar.bz2 somwhere (e.g. /srv/jboss).
    • Ensure that the JBOSS_HOME environment variable is correcty set.
    • Consult the JBoss documentation how to start JBoss as a service (i.e. automatically on system boot)
  5. Create a MySQL database for the Time4U server.
    • Ensure that the MySQL user can connect from localhost and has all rights on the database (except grant)
  6. Download and install the Time4U Server distribution package
    • Unpack the zip or tar.bz2 somewhere in your home-directory.
    • Create/edit the build.properties file (a build-example.properties is included)
      jboss.home=<path to JBoss>
      db.name=<mysql datbase name>
      db.user=<mysql user>
      db.password=<mysql password>
    • Deploy the application files:
      cd time4u-assemblies-deploy
      ant prepare
      ant deploy
  7. Start the JBoss server:
    cd <path to JBoss>/bin
    ./run.sh -c time4u
  8. Check installation by invoking the web-interface: http://server:8080/time4u
    • There is a predefined administrator account:
      Username: admin
      Password: admin