Project layout

  • time4u
    Base project containing main pom.xml and the main site documentation.
    • assemblies
      Parent project for all assemblies
      • client-linux-x86_64
        Assembly for the Linux x86_64 client distribution
      • client-mac
        Assembly for the Mac client distribution
      • client-win32
        Assembly for the Windows client distribution
      • server-deploy
        Assembly for the server distribution (containing an ant script for automatic configuration/deployment)
      • server-ear
        Server EAR assembly (just creates an ear file of all server components)
    • client
      Parent project for all client projects
      • store
        Eclipse plugin project containing the client-side database storage (based on Hibernate/Derby)
      • connection
        Eclipse plugin project containing the client-server synchronization functionality.
      • connection-ui
        Eclipse plugin project containing all UI parts concerning client-server synchronization.
      • ui
        Eclipse plugin project all other UI parts.
      • feature
        Eclipse feature project, also contains product definition descriptor.
    • server
      Parent project for all server projects
      • api
        Remote API of the Time4U server
      • entities
        All database entities (JPA conform)
      • ejb
        EJB3 implementation of the API, also contains Seam components.
      • jaas
        JAAS login module
      • web
        Parent project off all web components.
        • ui
          Main web interface
        • ws
          SOAP web services
        • rest
          REST api (experimental)
    • migrator
      Parent project for all migrator projects (temporary project)
      • server05
        Data migrator from the (historic) 0.5.x server release (temporary project)